Technicians, Electricians, Hobbyists and Electronic equipment specialists – if you're looking for the electronic components and tools you need to get the job done, look no further than Baskiville Ltd. We're the leading specialist supplier of electronic equipment and have been serving clients in New Zealand, Australasia and all over the world for more than 30 years. We are the single leading source provider for ESD control and production equipment.

Baskiville are at the top of the industry when it comes to the latest in electronic equipment and technology, and we stock an extensive range of the leading brands in electronic components. Click here to start shopping online in NZD.

Our Products

Electronic components

We offer a secure online shopping environment for electronic supplies. On the Baskiville website, you can shop in four currencies – NZD, AUD, USD and Euros, and we have a range of freight and delivery options to suit your needs. We keep a high level of stock, so you're never left waiting for electronic components – even with large orders.

If we don't have a product in our stock, we will find it for you. We pride ourselves in being specialists in electronic components, and in building personal relationships with our clients to better service your electronic equipment needs.

Here are just a few of the electrician tools and categories we supply:

  • Soldering
  • Desoldering
  • Fume Extraction
  • Working with electronics
  • Anti-Static Bags
  • Placement Machines
  • Grounding Products
  • Matting
  • Tools
  • Chemicals


And remember, if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us and we'll find it for you.

Our Suppliers

 At Baskiville, we understand the need for reliable and quality electronic components. Electronic equipment that's cheaply or incorrectly made can be a safety hazard, not to mention impacting the quality of your work. That's why we only stock leading, world-class brands – such as PACE, Desco, Microcare, Techwear, Europlacer and more. Browse our suppliers for a complete list.

We believe it's vital to support the electronic industry by supplying only world-class brands of electrician tools and components. With the electronics industry in constant flux, new technology appears on the market all the time. We understand the importance of keeping up with these changes, and our team stays abreast of the newest technology worldwide in order to provide you with the most up to date electronic components and equipment.

Our Service

At Baskiville, we pride ourselves in sourcing the electronic supplies our customers need. This is why we're the single leading source of ESD control and production equipment, and why we've been supplying happy customers with electronic components for more than 30 years.

We carry large quantities of stock, which not only improves our buying power; it ensures the lowest price and fastest delivery for our customers, even for large orders. If we say something is available, it's available, and you won't be waiting for weeks for deliveries of electrician tools and supplies.

Our offices are conveniently located in the ski village of Methven, near Christchurch, only a short drive from the international freight terminal at Christchurch Airport. With overseas freight arriving just around the corner, and more than six couriers and transport companies servicing our orders three times a day, Baskiville can offer our clients the most competitive delivery options on the market.

Why not use Baskiville for electronic components and tools, and see the difference for yourself?

If you can't find the electrician tools or components you're looking for, or have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always available via phone or email to answer any questions about electronic supplies.

Baskiville.Com Ltd is a specialist  in the electronic industry, and represents only the leading world class brands including PACE, Desco, Europlacer, Microcare, Techwear and many more. Please check out our Suppliers page for a full list

Our website is available for you to shop in four different currencies, NZD, AUD, USD and Euros. Once you select the currency tab, all pricing will be set, and the payment gateway will allow you to pay in the currency you have selected.
We supply Soldering /Desoldering equipment and products, Fume Extraction, Electronic suppliesAnti-static bags, Placement machines, Grounding products, Matting, Tools and
Chemicals to name just a few. 

Our mission is to specialists in the technicians work area, providing outstanding Products to our clients at competitive prices with exceptional service.  We believe that the customer truly does come first, and we pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our many clients.  Our focus is on supporting our industry by carrying high levels of stock, therefore being able to supply on demand and reducing waiting time for products. 

We excel in sourcing new products - our reputation being if we don’t have it – we will find it!
The miss-spelling of Baskerville is a common mistake, but doesn’t affect our customer service.
We are a well established company of 30 years and lead the way supplying electronic equipment throughout New Zealand and Australasia and Worldwide.

Please have a good look around our site and do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or do not find what you are looking for. We are always at the end of the phone or email to assist in any way possible and we guarantee you a prompt reply.

We look forward to doing business with you!  

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